Thursday, January 1, 2009

"We Do Streams" is Born

Not sure that's a good idea, by the way...

I've been working with Oracle Streams "almost" since the beginning. Saying that in another way, I've got into a lot of troubles ;-). Now, I feel in the mood to start and maintain a blog dedicated to Oracle Streams, LogMiner, Advanced Queuing and the some of their related features. Times have changed and we can now get some magic and amazing Streams. I wish this blog can contribute to help all of us enter the next level and, why not, wildly spread one of the hottest feature of Oracle Server.

Don't miss the point, using Streams can be challenging: How do you build a reliable Streams-based Architecture? How do you anticipate and quickly fix any coming issue? How do you monitor a Streams environment? How do you make it flexible? Why you shouldn't have used Streams?

But Streams is also the ultimate Swiss knife of the Oracle Database! It allows to perform near-zero downtime upgrade of a database or an application. It can be used to provide high availability, to scale out systems, to share events and messages system-wide. It transforms data on the fly to archive changes or to feed an ODS. And that's only a few use cases...

Do you like the idea? Are you interested? Participate! Leave a comment, write a post or send an email to "wedostreams at". If you are looking for immediate help, go to Oracle Streams forum, the Documentation, My Oracle Support (i.e. Metalink; check out 267979.1), Oracle Technology Network, Wikipedia or The Oracle Wiki.

So it's time to start... Happy New Year 2009!

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