Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oracle Streams Can Do Things, Mortals Can't! The Sequel.

In my post "Oracle Streams Can Do Things, Mortals Can't!", I've shown one of the challenges of applying changes, row by row, like Streams does. It can be the case when one of the impacted columns holds a unique, a primary key or a referential integrity constraint and you change several rows as part of the same update. I've also shown that Streams can actually handle those cases while you would have to DEFER the validation of those constraints to the commit time to perform the same operations manually.

I've written another post that has just been published with my other articles on The Pythian Group Blog. It's entitled "Delete and Re-Insert a Row in the Same Statement" and it's actually the sequel of my previous post. It shows how you can leverage Streams ability to run several SQL statements as if they were running as part of the same statement. You could use it to move rows... Even if your table doesn't have ROW MOVEMENT ENABLE and the constraints are not DEFERRABLE.

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